A University of Colorado research team has identified evidence that a large body of water once existed on Mars, yet another indication that the red planet might have supported life long ago. The 80-square-mile, 1,500-foot deep lake might have looked a bit like Lake Champlain 3 billion years ago, according to Science Blog, which reports scientists used a high-powered camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to gather data for their findings. Boulder’s Daily Camera notes that scientists have already located apparent channels and deltas on Mars, but until now had not discovered shorelines. The deltas around the lake area are now ripe for exploration. “If life ever arose on Mars,” one researcher says, “deltas may be the key to unlocking Mars’ biological past.” In a separate finding, researchers from the University of Michigan have discovered evidence of lightning on Mars, according to United Press International. Meanwhile, look to the skies just before sunrise on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to see Mars, along with the moon, Venus, Mercury, and Pleiades constellation in the eastern sky, writes the Christian Science Monitor.