Last night, more than a dozen counties across Colorado were placed under a winter storm watch, and by this morning, Denver’s streets were slick. Snow is coming back to the Front Range and will stay through tomorrow, though the accumulations will be light, reports The Denver Post and CBS4. As the blasts of cold wind and, to be sure, ice take hold, the Colorado Department of Transportation has devised a new way to improve slippery roads—aside from simply plowing them. The department’s workers will apply a mixture of gravel and a glue-like material to improve traction. But don’t worry about your precious Porche; they’re not spraying the gunk all over the streets every time it snows. Instead, they’re applying the substance to two bridges—one from southbound I-25 to northbound I-225 and the other from northbound Parker Road to southbound I-225, according to 9News. It’s a $1.5 million test to see if the granite-epoxy creates a decent non-skid surface. The department is also seeking to install an automatic system on the flyover bridge from southbound I-25 to northbound I-225 that spritzes de-icer from sprinkler heads.