As the freezing weather continued into Wednesday, the American Red Cross’ Mile High Chapter opened a shelter for about 30 bus passengers headed to Illinois, Missouri, and Minnesota because of the massive winter storm hitting hard east of Colorado, writes 9News. In other parts of the city, the chilly weather isn’t quite as frustrating. One Denver man took a pot of boiled water outside and threw it into the air to see what would happen. As you’ll see in this video on the Huffington Post, the water evaporates so quickly it looks like snow—maybe it is. The weather also inspired 9News to experiment, creating a T-Shirtcicle.

Aside from the silliness, might the freeze be doing good some good? Say, perhaps, by killing off the bark beetles infesting the state’s forests? The short answer is probably not (via 9News). “The temperatures needed to freeze out the mountain pine beetle would be negative 30s over a period of time, like five to seven days,” says Dan Schroder with Colorado State University’s Summit County extension office.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Springs Gazette sets out to identify the worst jobs to carry out in plunging temps, talking to garbage collectors, a mail carrier, and a tow-truck driver. “It’s not that bad,” says the 43-year-old postal service worker wearing “two long-john shirts, a sweat shirt, a sweat jacket, his winter U.S. Postal Service coat, wool socks” an “arctic” hat and sunglasses. “As long as you keep moving…. I don’t stop in stores to warm up or anything like that.”