As Denver Post film critic Lisa Kennedy writes, Aron Ralston’s “15 minutes of fame should have run out roughly 56,000 hours ago.” But now the Boulder man—who became the topic of many conversations after amputating his own arm to free himself while trapped in the Utah wilderness seven years ago—is back in the news thanks to the new film 127 Hours.

The movie recently screened at the Aspen Filmfest, where Ralston promoted it and talked about his life since the incident. Aside from the movie, it’s all rather typical. A year ago, he married his girlfriend, Jessica Trusty, and the couple’s son, Leo, was born a few months later.

So far, 127 Hours, directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) and featuring James Franco as Aron, has received good reviews from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Variety, and Salon, which writes, “Franco is up to every bit of Boyle’s challenge, capturing Aron’s transition from clownish outdoorsman and party boy to an introspective chronicler of his own impending demise and a visionary lunatic.”