Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s Parfums des Beaux Arts‘ Pamplemousse gets a rave review from Vanity Fair. “We’re amazed by how the fragrance smells just like grapefruit,” the magazine writes of the Boulder perfumer. Not only has she created scents for the likes of Cher and Steven Tyler, she’s re-created the fragrances of ancient Egypt for the “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, reports The Denver Post. Expect to smell the aromas and oils used for everything from rituals to sleep aids by ancient Egyptians in the time of King Tut.

“The priests and priestesses had this sacred chamber, and there would be a seal to the room they would break every morning to open the aromatics closet,” explains Hurwitz, who turned to The British Museum in London for research. “They would use the sacred oils and fragrances on the statuary throughout the day to take them through the passage of time. At night, they would reseal the chamber.” The top seller is Cardamom and Khyphi, an incense that includes juniper berry, myrrh gum, and frankincense gum.