If you happened to be in Denver for the extended Fourth of July weekend, you definitely noticed a blatant disregard of the ban on firecrackers and bottle rockets, which seemed to pop and fizz everywhere. 2CW was out with a camera, watching people light up Roman candles regardless of police promises this year to crack down. “It’s a problem,” Denver Police spokesperson Sonny Jackson admits. “They are literally going off everywhere.” Police responded to hundreds of calls and confiscated enough fireworks to fill as many as five Dumpsters, according to 9News, which adds that about 50 people in the city were caught and ticketed. They now face a fine of up to $999 and six months in jail. “I thought that the rain would quell a lot of this,” Jackson says. “I was watching the rain go down, and I’m still hearing fireworks go off at the same time.”