While there’s plenty of support for ending the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the culture wars rage on in the nation’s ballot boxes, including in Maine, where likely voters are being bombarded with television and radio ads warning that if same-sex marriage isn’t outlawed in the upcoming election, the consequences will be dire. In doom-and-gloom ads similar to those that ran in California before voters enacted a ban on gay marriage there, a couple from Massachusetts, where same-gender marriage is legal, say their son came home from school and said he was taught that boys could marry other boys (via NPR). “He’s in second grade!” an outraged mother says. And, as was the case in California last year, the political arm of the Colorado Springs evangelical group Focus on the Family is ponying up money for such ads. Focus on the Family Action has donated more than $98,000 to Stand for Marriage Maine, a coalition backing the measure on the November 3 ballot to overturn the state legislature’s legalization of gay marriage, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Meanwhile, back in Colorado, a former Focus on the Family radio-ministry employee, Juan Alberto Ovalle, was sentenced to five years of intensive probation after attempting to lure an officer posing as an underage teen into having sex with him, writes The Denver Post.