Gary Faulkner didn’t find Osama bin Laden before he was arrested in the woods of northern Pakistan, armed with night-vision equipment, a pistol, and a sword. But he is discovering some fame after being released and returned to the United States.

Faulkner arrived Wednesday afternoon at Los Angeles International Airport en route to Denver International Airport—just enough time to tell reporters he isn’t giving up on his quest: “I would describe the situation, like: I got dialysis. So, anyone got a kidney they want to lend me so I can finish this up?” (via The Associated Press).

He resisted saying more: “Unfortunately, guys, I would really, really like to give you guys more information, but there’s a lot of people that I have to protect also.”

Faulkner’s family is attempting to recover his terrorist-hunting equipment, including the sword. His brother-in-law, John Martin of Grand Junction, tells 7News the sword might fetch a nice sum in auction.