Silent Stan—or, as we know him, Stan Kroenke—is creeping closer to taking sole control of European soccer juggernaut Arsenal. ESPN reports, “it seems a matter of not if but when” that Kroenke will reach the 29.9 percent ownership threshold to trigger the automatic bid for the rest of the team, as he already owns 28.86 percent. That “when” could take a little longer than initially thought. Although Kroenke could cross the threshold “within weeks,” there are also reports that he may not try to take over Arsenal within the next year, because he’d have to come up with 400 million British pounds (that’s more than $655 million). That’s a lot of money, even for a guy worth an estimated $3.5 billion. Meanwhile, Kroenke’s other investments are starting to heat up. His major league soccer team, the Colorado Rapids, just wrapped up its season out of the playoffs, but the Denver Nuggets begin their run back to glory tomorrow, and his Colorado Avalanche is sitting in first place in the Northwest Division as one of the surprise teams in the NHL. Kroenke also owns 40 percent of the St. Louis Rams, although even he probably couldn’t buy them a win at the rate they’re going. Maybe he’ll ditch his stake in the Rams to finance the final push for Arsenal.