cutler-jay_140Former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler apparently didn’t mean to insult Broncos fans when he told ESPN Radio last week that in terms of passion, Denver fans were about a “6” and Chicago Bears fans were about a “9.” He actually meant to say that Broncos training camp is comparatively mediocre.

Cutler tells The Associated Press that Denver has “great fans,” but the Bears’ training camp is much more expansive, better-funded, and run with more energy and effort. O.K., but that’s not going to prevent Cutler from being greeted by boos when he steps onto the field in Denver for a preseason game at Invesco Field on August 30.

Back in Denver’s sub-par training camp, rookie running back Knowshon Moreno ended an eight-day holdout Friday and agreed to a five-year, $23 million contract with the Denver Broncos (via The Denver Post). The team had Saturday off, so Sunday was the first time Moreno could show everybody what he’s got—and he didn’t disappoint.

Coach Josh McDaniels tells the AP that Moreno proved he was capable of everything the team thought he was; he’s just a bit behind and will have to catch up.

The only other training camp issue to sort out is the beguiling case of disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall. He hasn’t worked out in a week and may not work out for at least one more week, citing a lingering hip injury. It’s understandable considering the guy had off-season hip surgery, but points out that Marshall’s continuing drama stands out as other bellyaching wide receivers around the league are now quietly working out their issues.