Denver International Airport is the source of a string of odd, unconnected stories today that bring former Minnesota Governor and wrestling star Jesse Ventura back into the news alongside fears of nuclear terrorism. But first to city auditors in Denver, who are accusing DIA of violating state law by providing airlines with more than $10 million in credits last year, including United Airlines, which received $5.2 million. “At a time when DIA is in need of funds to do ongoing maintenance or make necessary improvements to the airport, we cannot afford to simply give this money away,” says City Auditor Dennis Gallagher, in a drawn-out conflict that has put DIA officials on the defensive (via 7News). “We did not give them money. We gave them a credit. That’s a key distinction,” counters DIA Deputy Manager Patrick Heck. Meanwhile, Ventura is taking on myriad conspiracy theories in a new show for TruTV, including a few of the myths that surround DIA. “There’s something underneath that new airport,” he tells 9News, in a reference to rumors, which many dismiss, that the airport is the site for some kind of New World Order organization. “I’ll tell you, it’s a strange airport,” Ventura adds. Finally, the Transportation Security Administration has completed a three-day exercise at the airport, which was aimed at training TSA officials in using nuclear and radiological detection equipment, writes The Denver Post.