McDaniels, JoshIt’s amazing how quickly perceptions can change in the NFL. The Associated Press compares Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels to his Washington counterpart, Redskins head coach Jim Zorn, in discussing this weekend’s game.

Anyone who follows the NFL at even a cursory level knows that’s anything but a compliment, given that Zorn was recently stripped of his play-calling responsibilities and likely won’t make it to a third season in D.C.

Unfortunately, the parallels are there: Zorn started last season 6-2 as a rookie head coach, with rumors of Coach of the Year swirling. The Redskins are a dismal 4-12 since then, with many critics saying Redskins owner billionaire Dan Snyder treats the team as his own fantasy team, spending as much as he can on the sexiest free agents without creating a cohesive team atmosphere.ZornWiki

After Denver’s surprising 6-0 start, the Broncos have been outscored 58-10 over the last two games, with just one offensive touchdown in the two embarrassing losses.

But let’s pump the brakes. McDaniels is in no danger of losing his play-calling role, and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is nothing like Snyder.

This weekend’s game may be just what the doctor ordered for the Broncos, however, with CBS Sports noting that the Redskins are in a tailspin and looking to avoid five consecutive loses for the first time in eight years.

McDaniels was smart enough to realize the Broncos’ offensive line has been awful the last two games, barely giving quarterback Kyle Orton time to think. In response, McDaniels has demoted left guard Ben Hamilton, replacing him with backup Ross Hochstein, reports The Denver Post (free registration required).

Hamilton has started every game for the Broncos since 2002, with the exception of 2007 (when he was out with concussion issues) and one game this season, when he was out with a hamstring injury.