Data extracted from a list of Colorado’s 5,086,672 registered vehicles and analysis of zip codes provides an interesting commentary on our fine state. If you live between Aurora and Broomfield or Granby and Platteville, you probably own a Ford pickup truck, according to 7News. Go to Steamboat Springs or Boulder–80487 and 80301 zip codes–and you find that Subaru wagons are the dominant vehicle. Check out your area; the entire list is here. Meanwhile, more than 1,100 cars were stolen in the Pikes Peak region last year, and one in three were never returned. That’s why several police departments in southern Colorado have invested in license-plate-reading technology that uses two cameras, similar to face-recognition software, according to 11 News in the Springs. Thousands of plates can be read from an officer’s cruiser in a single shift. If there’s a match, the officer will be alerted by the computer.