As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce begins airing 30-second ads in several states, including Colorado, part of an effort to battle a so-called government-run option for health care, President Barack Obama is making plans to visit Grand Junction this weekend to whip up support for reform.

The state could provide a heated atmosphere, writes the Colorado Springs Gazette, or maybe even a red-hot one. An otherwise peaceful health-reform rally turned ugly in Fort Collins yesterday as two women on opposite sides of the issue physically clashed, reports the Coloradoan.

But perhaps Obama will brace himself for such outbursts and then find a calm, attentive crowd, which is precisely what happened in New Hampshire yesterday (via The Associated Press). The president even welcomed skeptics to come forward to ask questions, but to no avail. The sound bite from his address seemed to touch on the recent ruckuses at congressional town-hall meetings: “For all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary is if we do nothing.”

Grand Junction’s regional health system has been praised in national media as an example of affordability and access, but it is unclear whether Obama will take up an invitation by U.S. Representative John Salazar to tour Rocky Mountain Health Plans, writes the Sentinel. The White House says the president will be in Grand Junction on Saturday and then will tour Western national parks and monuments.