The string of bank robberies that hit the Denver metro area before the holidays included some notorious characters, including the “Hopping Hooded Bandits” and “Bonnie and Clyde.” Neither the long arm of the law nor the victims are willing to easily forget about them, and yesterday 60 agents, police officers, and bank executives met at the Denver Police Protective Association office to discuss the spate of robberies. While they were conversing, another bank was robbed just a half mile away, writes The Denver Post. James H. Davis, special agent in charge of the Denver FBI, says officials are actively working on ways to prevent the rising trend. It might be easier than it sounds. Banks could hire more security guards, simply ask customers to take off sunglasses and hats when they enter buildings, or place a greeter at the door. The worst year in the last five for bank robberies, according to Denver FBI regional statistics, was 2006, with 221 banks hit in Colorado and Wyoming. The numbers dropped significantly in subsequent years, but in 2009 they rose again, with 208 banks struck in both states. Detectives can’t explain the trend. “Bank robberies are a virus and one leads to another,” Davis says. “Blaming the economy is unfair. What that kind of says is honest people turn to this thing because they don’t have money.” Last year, bank robberies accounted for two hospitalizations, two deaths, and one hostage situation, reports 9News