The brief lull in the onslaught of Carmelo Anthony trade discussions is officially over, with reports and rumors flying all over the place. The latest chatter surrounds the money Melo stands to lose if he leaves Denver, just as the NBA tries to rein in how much players can make. The Associated Press reports that the league wants to cap spending on player salaries and benefits at $750 million to $800 million annually, down from the current annual rate of about $2.1 billion. The NBA, like the NFL, is staring at the possibility of a player lockout in 2011, with much of the debate in both leagues revolving around player compensation.

What this means for Melo is a potential loss of between $20 million and $36 million, points out AOL Fanhouse. Melo looks to make $83 million through the 2014-15 season if he stays in Denver and a whole lot less if he leaves. The gamble for Melo is whether he could make up for that loss in endorsement deals by moving to a media mecca like New York, the city he’s rumored to favor most.

Meanwhile, the Nuggets played another preseason game yesterday ahead of their October 27 regular-season opener against the Utah Jazz, but things didn’t turn out so well. The Portland Trail Blazers blasted the Nuggets 90-83, as Denver hit just about 35 percent of their shots (via The Sports Network).