The Denver Nuggets world was rocked earlier this week by the discussion of a possible Carmelo Anthony trade. Perhaps in an attempt to calm the nerves of Nuggets fans everywhere, the team tells The Denver Post it wants Melo to be like John Elway, playing his entire career in one city and winning championships here, as well.

Melo says he likes Denver and considers it home, but he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to stick around on a team that can’t legitimately contend for a ring. That’s where NBA free agency comes in. The Lebron James sweepstakes began yesterday, and he’s the head of the deep free-agent pool that’ll keep NBA executives busy for the next few weeks.

The Associated Press points out the obvious, stating that the Nuggets need a legit big man to play defense and gobble up rebounds. Still, the team isn’t likely to spend much more money. That could mean the Nuggets will go after a guy like Golden State’s Andris Biedrins, a solid rebounder but hardly a blockbuster name. The team could also re-sign seven-footer Johan Petro, who shows promise as a defender and a rebounder.

But will those moves be enough to keep Melo in Denver for the long term? If they do, he’ll be hanging his jersey in a new home, points out Westword, which takes a photo tour of Melo’s Polo Ridge Estates mansion. It’s for sale.