nancy_pelosiWhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits a Denver health clinic that serves homeless and low-income people, officials and advocates are grappling with the closure of the Salvation Army’s Crossroads overnight shelter, which will put dozens of men, including 30-35 sex offenders, on the streets if alternative housing cannot be found. As BJ Iacino, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, tells the Rocky Mountain Independent , “We’re literally just becoming aware of this now. We’re just trying to understand what it means and what its impact is on us.” Pelosi, meanwhile, is visiting the Stout Street Clinic, which is operated by the coalition, with fellow Democratic representatives Diana DeGette and Jared Polis. The idea is for Pelosi to see how economic recovery dollars are being used to offer health services, create jobs, and lay a foundation for reform, writes the Denver Business Journal. The visit comes as members of the Democratic Party reach out to constituents to push a plan for health-care reform (via The Associated Press). Get ready: “This will be the political version of trench warfare: brutal, mud-filled and bloody,” writes The Denver Post.