Seven students at Northglenn High School have been suspended for mostly sticking to Ray Cooney’s original script during their Saturday performance of Caught in the Net, a comedy about a British cabbie with two wives. The play includes explicit language (such as “pussy,” “balls,” and “orgy”)—words that students, teachers, and school officials had agreed to omit for the performances, Assistant Principal Michael James tells 7News.

As drama student Sara Fairfield explains, “We just thought the original script was hilarious.” But the play’s director, Karen Greening, wasn’t laughing. She appeared on stage after the final performance Saturday and told the audience, “I am not going to be thrown under the bus for this” (via The Denver Post).

But the students didn’t entirely adhere the original script either. One obscenity the school wanted removed, which is repeated five times in the play, was never spoken, although it’s unclear from reports what that word is. Regardless, for James, the issue is the students’ “defiance of authority.”