As he signed the $787 billion investment and tax-break plan into law, President Barack Obama said he was “keeping the promise” that each generation of Americans will be better off than the one before, according to myriad news organizations, including The Denver Post, which notes the American Investment and Recovery Act that Obama signed in Denver yesterday will fund renewable energy, roads, and bridges, education, and help some struggling homeowners.

Not surprisingly, big states like California, Texas, New York, and Florida will get the most jobs from the economic stimulus package. For example, over the next two years 396,000 will be created in California, according to one New York Times blog. Compare that to Colorado, which will be able to salvage or create just 59,000 of the overall 3.5 million jobs promised in the legislation.

But ProPublica points out that states with relatively high unemployment get shortchanged in the deal. And although the law touts renewable energy, green projects are facing natural barriers, writes The Washington Post.