On yesterday’s Oprah Winfrey Show, the director of a new documentary called Waiting for “Superman” talked about an American education system in vast disrepair, one rife with ineffective teachers and high dropout rates. For many students, their best hope is to enter a high-performing charter school, one like Denver’s School of Science and Technology.

Bill Kurtz, the chief executive of the Denver charter, was also on the show yesterday to receive an oversized, $1 million check from Winfrey, as students back in Denver held a viewing party, writes Denver Daily News. Dean of students Yesta Ealy showed pride for her school, saying it “doesn’t matter where any of the kids come from….They’re going to graduate from high school, get into the college of their choice, and receive a four-year college degree.”

In all, Winfrey gave away $6 million to schools, including others in Philadelphia, California, Illinois, Louisiana, and Texas, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Poudre School District in the Fort Collins area could also use some help, as 16 schools face plans for closure or consolidation and/or must highlight steps to becoming more efficient or innovative, reports The Denver Post.