Last month, when Frontier Airlines, recently taken over by Republic Airways Holdings, announced it would move hundreds of jobs out of Denver and Las Cruces, New Mexico, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a spokesman for the airline said “Denver will still remain a major hub” for jobs. But in the wake of the 200 maintenance jobs that left in November, Frontier will cede another 140 Denver jobs—dispatchers, crew schedulers, and engineers—because Republic is consolidating “operational functions” in Indianapolis, reports the Denver Business Journal. Moreover, those jobs may not be the last Frontier moves out of Denver. Positions in areas such as human resources and finance are under consideration for yet another possible round of local cuts, says Frontier spokesman Peter Kowalchuk: “It’s always difficult when people that you’ve worked with for years either have their jobs go away or have to move to relocate. But instead of being an airline that was, we are an airline that is and that will be.” Still, 3,500 employees are expected to remain in Denver after relocations finish, making the city Republic’s largest employment center. Republic has given the remaining workers the option of relocating to another city to keep their job or to take a severance package, writes 9News.