It took city workers less than 20 minutes to lower, disassemble, and drive off with a sculpture that appeared mysteriously on the lawn of the Boulder History Museum a week ago. Though the 15-foot-tall industrial sculpture—made from a metal-sheeted post with a pair of skis, garden loppers, and a child’s bicycle wheel at the top—drew visitors, museum CEO Nancy Geyer tells the Daily Camera it had to go: “We lease the land from the city, and they have their regulations.”

No definite word yet on who created the sculpture and another like it that popped up on the front lawn of Donna Coughlin’s home. But she wants the city to leave hers in place: 23 years ago, she received a similar piece of industrial art—an enormous bug—along with a pair of earrings, on her lawn (just as the recent work appeared) from University of Colorado fine arts graduate Mark Guilbeau. The 80-year-old Coughlin believes Guilbeau is behind the latest stunt, too, which she calls “pretty comical.” The city will now turn to its Arts Commission to determine whether the sculptures have “artistic value” and might be displayed, says Boulder community coordinator Sarah Huntley (via 9News).