The media have been asking some tough questions about Ted Haggard after he opened his new St. James church in Colorado Springs.

Britain’s Guardian, for instance, asks: “Ted Haggard: new man or same old charlatan?” in an article documenting the hope and suspicion surrounding Haggard’s “gay-friendly” ministry.

The evangelical leader has provided more indications of where he stands on some issues in the last day or so via his Twitter account. Haggard tweets, “I believe we are at the end of what church historians will, in the future, call the Billy Graham era.” He follows, “I believe we are also nearing the end of the ‘Religious Right’ representing evangelicalism.”

The Gazette has been following Haggard’s microblogging, saying he “sounds quite visionary” online. For example, Haggard wonders if the secular world has something to teach the religious world: “Could it be that those who don’t attend our churches are more insightful than those who do? Maybe they should reach us?”