Debuts August 9—Legacy Of Learning

A century ago, long before millennials began flocking to the Mile High City, a different demographic flooded Denver looking for a better life. They were immigrants with high aspirations but a poor grasp of the English language and few skills to advance their careers. To provide these new residents with what they craved—an opportunity to learn—local teacher Emily Griffith founded a trade school with free tuition. Starting this month, Denver Public Library will honor Griffith’s far-reaching work through a five-month-long exhibit, aptly titled For All Who Wish To Learn, at the Central Library branch. The display features artifacts representing 25 programs throughout the school’s 100-year history, such as stenography equipment used by the business department and a contraption that volunteer curator Linda Campbell guesses was a perm machine for cosmetology demonstrations. “[Emily] had this recognition that we all need to have meaningful work,” Campbell says. “Her words are still shockingly relevant today.”

August 4-7—The Man Who Restored The West

When Mark M. Jones moved to Del Norte in 1997, his new town was known more for its former life as a bustling stagecoach stop than for any modern attractions. But Jones, a well-known architect, recognized that Del Norte’s storied past could inform its future. So he renovated several historic buildings and served as lead architect for the restoration of the Windsor Hotel, one of Colorado’s oldest inns. Jones’ pride in Del Norte’s bricks and mortar extended to the town’s annual Western-themed Covered Wagon Days, during which he gave hayride tours describing local architecture. Sadly, Jones will miss the 43rd event this month; he died in May at the age of 73. Del Norte’s residents are using Jones’ passing as motivation to showcase their town’s assets through everything from a parade to a barn dance. While you’re there enjoying yourself, stroll by the Windsor to see how one man transformed a city.

Saturdays in August—Staying Power

In 1971, brothers Dean and Dale Peterson opened an English-style pub at 4700 Cherry Creek South Drive. Forty-five years later, Bull & Bush Brewery is still serving its exhaustive beer collection at the same wood-paneled location. To celebrate its longevity, the bar will feature different bands each weekend this month—the Samples play on August 6—plus limited-edition brews that match each show’s vibe (a saison with Colorado ingredients for the Samples). Turning 45 never sounded—or tasted—so good.

August 19 & 20—Play Ball

It’s been more than a decade since Navy SEAL Danny Dietz was killed during a firefight in Afghanistan. The Danny Dietz Memorial Fund honors his legacy by providing scholarships to students from Dietz’s Littleton alma mater, Heritage High School. Contribute to that endowment by attending Colorado Springs’ All-Star Series Weekend, when the memorial fund teams up with the veteran-focused PX3 Foundation to host a softball game between veterans and celebrities. Look for honorary coach Michael Edwin Thornton, a founding member of the elite SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden.