Presence: Reflections on the Middle East, February 3

During a diaspora, a large population migrates away from one cenral locaton and scatters across the world, taking their culture and memories of home with them. In this photographic exhibit, 12 artists affected by the Middle Eastern diaspora of the past 20 years express what the word means to them. Dealing with powerful themes of choice and force, remembrance and loss, home and homelessness, the artists manipulate photography to preserve identity, relationships, and personal agency as they portray their most helpless moments. Tue-Fri 11a.m.-6 p.m; Sat noon-5 p.m.

Sex in the Sea, February 2

What if HBO’s hit series Sex in the City featured more than 1 million different species of Carrie Bradshaw? That’s the backdrop of author Marah J. Hardt’s book, Sex in the Sea: Our Intimate Connection with Sex-Changing Fish, Romantic Lobsters, Kinky Squid, and Other Salty Erotica of the Deep, which tells the lesser known story of erotica in the world’s oceans. Join Hardt for an enthralling conversation on salt water reproduction, which could double as a surefire way to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day (or a reservation at Jax Fish House). Thu 7 p.m.

Sticky Finger’s Colorado ‘Cool’inary Cooking Camp, February 3

History meets healthy eating in this day-long cooking camp for your little chefs. They’ll learn about life during the Dust Bowl as they barter for and collect the ingredients for the meal on a scavenger hunt through the History Colorado Center’s Keota exhibit, about the settlers of the town of Keota along the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy rail line. Then they’ll put their skills to the test by whipping up their own pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter, plus ‘zany’ zucchini root beer cupcakes for dessert (with the help of the adult cooks in the room, of course). Fri 1-3 p.m.

The Divine Direction, February 4

Contemporary movement meets storytelling at this high-energy dance performance by Los Angeles–based nonprofit troupe MusEffect. Always with an eye on social commentary, the group combines genres of dance to create an ethereal, athletic performance. Beyond plot and artifice, attendees can also enjoy the dancers’ high levels of technical skill. Sat 7 p.m.

Nasty Woman: The Bigamist, February 6

During the 1950s, a female director was determined to show Hollywood that women deserved roles in front of and behind the camera. To prove it, Ida Lupino directed and acted in the 1953 drama noir, The Bigamist. The movie tells the story of Phyllis, the secret wife of a businessman (played by well-known character actor Edmond O’Brien), who attempts to hide her and her child from his first spouse. Celebrate Lupino’s legacy at this special 35mm screening; a portion of proceeds benefits Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Mon 7:30 p.m.

–Image courtesty of Alamo Drafthouse