Yesterday, the sun burst through ominous clouds, turning a cold morning into a toasty afternoon. Today, bluebird skies and golden rays gave way to unrelenting showers and chilly gusts. Wait…was that a snowflake? Welcome to springtime in Colorado—aka shoulder season, when unpredictable weather makes dressing for outdoor activities a guessing game. Fortunately, outfitters have wised up to spring’s fickle ways by designing threads that’ll keep Centennial State recreationists both shiver- and sweat-free till the solstice.

Sierra Designs

Tuolumne Sweater, $129
Warm Up: Tiny air pockets in this sweater’s synthetic innards mimic goose down’s warmth, but the water-resistant insulation won’t get as soggy as feathers do.
Chill Out: Breathable, stretchy fleece on the sides and inner sleeves promotes circulation and keeps arms mobile.

Pearl iZumi

Summit WXB Jacket, $200
Warm Up: Elastic in the hood ensures the Summit, made of waterproof nylon, fits snugly around your bike helmet, preventing that dreaded drip of icy rain down your back.
Chill Out: Strategic underarm and neck vents serve as air conditioners, whether you’re sweating it out on pavement or singletrack.


Women’s Merino Sport Capri, $80
Warm Up: Staying cozy doesn’t have to mean being itchy. Merino wool is finer and, thus, softer and lighter than the standard stuff.
Chill Out: Mesh side panels running from midcalf to midthigh allow for ventilation. And the pockets may not keep you cool, but they do keep your stuff collected.