It’s been a generation since scores of revelers—many drunk or stoned, or both—showed up on Boulder’s Pearl Street on Halloween, decked out in crazy costumes, for the “Mall Crawl.” Some of the celebrations drew tens of thousands of people and got out of hand, prompting police crackdowns. The Mall Crawl peaked in 1989, when 40,000 people flooded Pearl Street, and the city finally banned the crawl in 1991. Since then, Halloween in Boulder has been status quo, save for the Naked Pumpkin Run, which could land you a ticket for a sex offense if you’re not careful. But now two guys in their 30s with hazy childhood memories of the Mall Crawl want to revive it, writes the Colorado Daily. Jonathan Sackheim and Ryan Van Duzer say they dressed as Nelly (the “Hot in Herre” rapper) and a gorilla in a Hooters outfit for Halloween last year, then hit the mall, hatching their wouldn’t-it-be-great-if plan to revive the crawl. They began a Facebook group called “Bring back the Boulder Mall Crawl!” asking for a return to the “the biggest, baddest, most awesomeist Halloween celebration this side of the Mississippi.” Their strategy? They hope the Internet will spread the word, and the crawl will just sort of happen. It seems to be working, based on the supportive responses they’ve been getting. But Boulder police aren’t happy. “The police department is not interested in any way to have the Mall Crawl days come back,” says Deputy Police Chief Greg Testa. “Things spin out of control very quickly when you have large crowds.”