If it weren’t for Rickey Hunter’s reckless driving, the Colorado convict would likely still be on the lam. But Hunter was arrested by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper after failing to use his turn signal, reports the Enid News and Eagle, which also writes that Hunter was using a fake driver’s license and Social Security card—and failed an alcohol test.

Despite the hazards presented by drivers like Hunter, back in Colorado, roads are safer than they have been in about three decades, according to state Department of Transportation officials. The state is on pace to track between 350 and 400 traffic deaths this year (if the trend holds)—a 20 percent drop from last year’s record-low pace, points out The Associated Press.

And while complaining about ski-trip commutes on I-70 is a favorite pastime on the Front Range, it turns out congestion on the interstate is worse in the summer (via 7News).

The busiest month of the year at the Eisenhower & Johnson Tunnels for the last several years running has been July, with August traffic coming in second. March, January, and February round out the top five busiest months for the tunnels.