Looking for something fun to do on Friday night? Something new, different, off the beaten path? Skip the boring happy hour routine and check out either of these two events.

Over at the newly-fab Oriental, local artist Anna Newell has an opening starting at 6 p.m. for her show titled “Four Legged: Dogs I Wish Were Mine.” Sounds interesting. She cruised the Denver Dumb Friends League and shot images of the poor homeless pups through the smudged plexiglass. And she used old Polaroid film to do it, and then printed them as very large archival giclee prints. Not sure what that means exactly, but it sounds very fun and artsy to me. Of course, that Tennyson District is great for First Fridays, so bop by the opening and then wander in and out of all the other cool happenings at shops and galleries along the way.

Anyone who loved Napoleon Dynamite will want to hang at Pedro’s party. Efren “Vote for Pedro” Ramirez will be a guest DJ and MC at Tabu nightclub Friday night. Hardcore fans 0f the cult flick can show up for the Napoleon Dynamite lookalike contest or the dance-off (now that I gotta see), but there’s another reason to go, at least for us ladies. Two words: free drinks. Gals pay a $5 cover before 11 p.m., and drinks are on the house. After 11, it’s $10 for everyone and no more freebies, but by then I’d bet that several sloshy chick posses will be ready for the dance off.

Either way, you’re guaranteed eye candy for the evening, and it surely won’t be the same 0ld scene.