Earlier this year, Colorado State University’s top cop, Dexter Yarbrough, avoided the press amid questions about why he was put on paid leave. The campus’ newspaper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian, noted a “consistent flow of complaints,” such as harassment and fraud—even alleged threats to former university President Larry Penley. After all the commotion, Yarbrough quietly left CSU.

Now he has resurfaced in Illinois and, once again, is tangled up in a puzzling scandal. According to the Dekalb Daily Chronicle, Yarbrough has resigned from his job as an entry-level police officer at Northern Illinois University, less than a month after being hired. The university’s police chief, Donald Grady—who only days earlier defended his hiring of Yarbrough—could not be located for comment, nor could John Peters, the university president, who is vacationing and has no plans to issue any sort of a statement.

The entire matter adds more ungrounded speculation about the officer who was accused of such odd things as advising CSU students during a lecture to provide illicit drugs to informants as payment. Yarbrough resigned from CSU in March following a three-month internal investigation, but no criminal charges were filed.