If you’re a fan of NoosaYoghurt—the thick, creamy, Australian-style dairy product available in just about any Colorado supermarket—then you’re a fan of wildflower honey. The sweet, golden stuff infuses almost all of Noosa’s 23 varieties (save for the plain) and is integral to the brand’s unique flavor profiles, from the classic Tart Cherry to one of its newest additions, Bhakti Chai, a collaboration with the Boulder-based tea company of the same name. It makes sense then that for National Honey Month, Noosa has announced another collaboration: Blooms to Bees. This new program is a long-term commitment to support honey bees and the farmers interested in housing them on their land.

Through an alliance with Bee Friendly Farming, the company will help cultivate new bee buffer zones, or small plots of land devoted to bee health, starting with one on the Noosa dairy farm headquarters in Bellvue, Colorado. Bee Friendly Farming was founded by the 20-year-old, California-based Pollinator Partnership, which works to help all pollinators thrive. With Noosa’s initial donation of $30,000, the multiyear program will support the nonprofit’s work regarding bee education, conservation, restoration, policy, and research. Noosa has also donated another $5,000 to its own honey supplier, Beyond the Hive, the oldest beekeeping family in Colorado. Through Beyond the Hive’s relationship with Colorado State University, that money will fund research regarding bee nutrition.

Promoting the vital role bees play in agriculture, as well as the overall health of our planet, is essential to both initiatives. Naturally, marketing is key. Perhaps you’ve noticed Noosa’s pretty new packaging, or the billboard in downtown Denver (at 14th and Arapahoe streets)? The former displays 12 honey bee-inspired messages on the foil of Noosa’s yogurt cups, while the latter (pictured above) is made of more than 3,200 Noosa lids and depicts a giant bee and a message that reminds passersby of the pollinators’ importance. Noosa is hoping that even once National Honey Month comes to an end, every yogurt you eat will still generate a little more buzz.