The New Denver Civic Theatre, a cozy two-theater complex south of downtown that was recently caught up in debt and a bank repossession, has found a new owner: Evergreen businessman Craig Lindsley. The details of the deal weren’t disclosed, reports The Denver Post, but the asking price was $1 million. Lindsley is part owner of several local music venues, including Cervantes and Quixotes, and envisions live music as the primary use of the Civic Theatre venue at 721 Santa Fe Drive. But that’s not all. He also anticipates “a lot of art shows, fashion shows and more.” Paul Fiorino, a theater advocate who worked to help find a local buyer, called Lindsley “an angel,” adding that there are plans for children’s theater on weekends but no plans for long-term theatrical productions. Lindsley also hopes to run a food bank out of the theater.