If you recall, there are scores of people who hate the big blue horse that greets travelers at Denver International Airport. A Facebook group, “I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA,” has more than 8,000 followers and addresses the myriad concerns of those “who shudder each time they drive by the big blue horse at DIA, aka ‘Bluecifer.'” The page notes that the horse killed the artist who made it and includes a picture of the sculpture with Photoshopped laser beams shooting from its eyes, vaporizing a car attempting to deliver passengers to the Jeppesen Terminal. While the horse’s supporters call it art, there’s a new problem for the mustang that goes beyond public perception. The two-year-old, $600,000 horse already has surface cracks visible on the legs–small breaks that have been repaired with caulk and paint, according to CBS4. “There is some surface cracking. We don’t have any evidence of any underlying structural problems, so our folks did some caulking and painting to make sure we don’t see any additional movement in the surface of the sculpture,” says Erin Trapp, Denver cultural affairs director. Supporters are hopeful that the repairs will be enough to get the horse to the five-year mark, which is the timeline city officials give all public art before deciding whether a sculpture should stay or go.