It seems that love is as much a matter of the heart as the pocketbook. As the recession wears on, some singles are looking at their partners’ credit scores to gauge their date-ability, reports 7News. Some singles are even willing to post their verified credit scores on websites. Still, a survey found that 71 percent of singles would date someone who lost their job. Of course, the smarties go back to school and change careers when their industry is downsized. Even community colleges are seeing an upswing in enrollment for classes such as child development and information technology, according to The Denver Post. But be careful, singles. You might incur student loans, a problem for many Americans, according to BusinessWeek, which was inspired to write about Facebook’s “Cancel Student Loan Debt to Stimulate the Economy” page after hearing from an apparently un-datable Colorado reader who took out $45,000 in student loans, went into default, and now owes $170,000.