Colorado Rockies’ owner Dick Monfort took to Twitter yesterday to answer fan questions for what should have been an innocuous conversation. Much to our delight—and to the delight of anyone who someday wants a consistently competitive baseball team in Denver—lots of folks aren’t buying what the club has been selling. As one tweeter later said: “Who was the PR guru that thought #AsktheOwner was a good idea?”

A sampling:

Is Profanity allowed? RT @Rockies #Rockies Owner/Chairman & CEO Dick Monfort will be here shortly. Ask your questions using #AsktheOwner.

— Brooke (@Brooke_Cale) February 11, 2014

@Rockies Why are you trying to assemble a playoff run once every three years instead of every year? #AsktheOwner

— chrawley (@chrawley) February 11, 2014

Will you ever stop being cheap? Its embarassing. #asktheowner @rockies

— Drunk Dan Odowd (@FireDanOdowdNOW) February 10, 2014

“I’ve Ruined Everything” by Yoko Ono RT @5280shirtshop: .@Rockies #AsktheOwner What would be your walk up song and why?

— John Reidy (@JohnReidyDenver) February 11, 2014

Any way we can continue another 20 years of below average play? It makes for great radio fodder. I’ll hang up and listen #AskTheOwner

— James Gomez (@JGoTheFan) February 11, 2014

#AsktheOwner Why do we have a party deck and not a better starting rotation?? Smh @Rockies

— Jake Davis (@jake_davis11) February 11, 2014

@rockies Hey Dick, how much more money will you line your pockets with considering the new party deck? #AskTheOwner

— Jeff Robinson (@rorygebs) February 11, 2014

@Rockies #AskTheOwner Don’t get me wrong – I’ll support forever, but I don’t feel like giving my $ unless I can be assured more than 81 wins

— Ben Warwick (@bwarwick6) February 11, 2014

We know you guys love doing the same thing over and over again RT @Rockies Let me know if you want to do this again. Let’s have a great 2014

— Nate Cheney (@NCheney21) February 11, 2014

But perhaps the best (saddest?) tweet came from Monfort himself:

.@sportfantic1 The award for best Minor League system was awarded to the Rockies by Topps.

— Colorado Rockies (@Rockies) February 11, 2014

…As in the baseball card company.

—Photo courtesy of Shutterstock