The Denver Nuggets made another minor move yesterday as they nearly closed a deal on acquiring forward Malik Allen from the Milwaukee Bucks. The deal, which is likely to move forward by the end of the week, will send backup guard Sonny Weems and Walter Sharpe (a guy who came from Detroit last week) to Milwaukee in exchange for Allen.

The Denver Post notes that the 6-foot-10 Allen will add a veteran power forward to play the low post and ship off Weems, who is blessed with amazing athletic ability but little basketball skill.

As the Rocky Mountain Independent pointed out last week, the Nuggets are making a series of low-profile moves with almost no-name players, while other Western Conference teams are making huge waves in the free-agent market (see the Los Angeles Lakers landing Ron Artest, the San Antonio Spurs landing Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess, etc.)

Other tangentially related Nuggets news has former point guard Andre Miller possibly headed to the Portland Trailblazers (via The Nuggets traded Miller to Philadelphia in 2006 as part of the ill-fated Allen Iverson deal, and now it looks like Miller could return to the division to get back at the Nuggets. He’s 33, but he’s still very solid and put up big numbers last year. He could end up going to the New York Knicks, however, something Nuggets fans should pray for.