Najibullah Zazi, the Aurora airport-shuttle driver charged with a plot to make a homemade peroxide-based bomb, visited beauty shops in Colorado this summer to find the raw materials he would need. That’s according to several news organizations, including The Associated Press, which reports that Zazi, an Afghan immigrant, and his associates allegedly stockpiled chemicals commonly found at beauty stores, in a plot linked to al-Qaida. An employee at Beauty Supply Warehouse on Sixth Avenue and Potomac in Aurora recalls Zazi making purchases at the store over several days and asked Zazi why he was buying so many supplies. Zazi allegedly responded, “I have a lot of girlfriends,” reports 9News. A federal indictment delivered Thursday as Zazi appeared in court in Denver alleges Zazi received instructions on how to build bombs when he visited Pakistan in August of 2008 and that he practiced making chemicals more explosive using a stove at a motel near the beauty supply shop. Meanwhile, Zazi’s father, Mohammed, was released from jail Thursday and may be required to testify against his son, who probably will be transferred today from Denver to New York, where the FBI investigation began, writes The Denver Post.