As the unofficial beer reporter for Boulder’s Daily Camera, my job entailed discovering new ways to cover the annual Great American Beer Festival. One year, instead of talking with yet another quirky craft brewery, I called the big-box brewers like Coors, Miller, and Pabst Blue Ribbon to ask what it’s like being “The Man” at the GABF.

PBR, I was happy to find out, prefers to act like a craft brewer. The reps for the beer—fully aware and appreciative of its rejuvenated, blue-collar appeal—had a great sense of humor and insisted Pabst had award-winning flavor.

While I prefer a load of hops in my pints, PBR typically better meets my price point, and I prefer its flavor to the Buds and Millers of the world.

I’m used to pulling a few $1 bills out of my purse for PBR, but GB Fish and Chips has made my blue-collar brew even more affordable. Every day from 3 to 6 p.m., cans of PBR are just 75 cents. Paired with a half-order of fish and chips, the total comes in at just under $10 (before tip), which meets even my recession budget.

1311 S Broadway, 720-570-5103