For fans of the local coupon sites like Groupon and WeeklyPlus, there’s a new kid in town:

LivingSocial has similar features to its predecessors. It offers, via its Web site and through email, one heavy-hitting Denver discount a day. (And it doesn’t require a certain amount of buyers to unlock a deal.)

LivingSocial launched in August 2009, and CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy says says the Denver service offers a unique chance to explore nightlife, culture, entertainment, and outdoor activities on the cheap.

So far, he’s hitting the mark. I’ve been the most impressed with the coupon offerings from LivingSocial, including past deals of 50 percent off at Paris on the Platte, Hotel Teatro, and the Hornet.

Bonus: As an added incentive, if you convince three friends to buy the same LivingSocial deal as you, yours is free.