I recently had one of “those” days. I had a meeting in Uptown, another one downtown, and then headed straight to a third meeting in Cherry Creek. I had half an hour in between each, so I slid into a Starbucks to check my e-mail.

I was greeted with a fee of $3.99 for two hours, and after my computer dropped the connection, I paid the fee again to spend half an hour in my inbox. (By the way, if this happens to you, call AT&T. They’ll give you a code to get back online so you can save the extra $4.)

After eight dollars, in addition to the iced coffee I felt would help me to be witty in the next meeting, it was a pretty expensive 30 minutes. So began my search for a good listing of Denver’s free Wi-Fi spots to keep in my laptop bag.

I found Mile High on the Cheap, which, as well as agreeing with my sensibilities about living an affordable life in Denver, has a comprehensive list of free Wi-Fi spots in Denver, Boulder, and some surrounding areas. While you’re there, check out the blog, where you can find ticket giveaways, restaurant specials, and online coupons.