As the number of people registered to use medical marijuana continues to grow at a rapid pace (there are now nearly 9,000 users), communities throughout Colorado are regulating dispensaries. In the middle of next month, Frisco is expected to lift a moratorium on dispensaries but will place limits on where they set up shop, according to CBS4. And that will ultimately limit how many dispensaries are able to do business in the town, says Suzanne Kelley, a spokeswoman for Frisco, which views dispensaries similarly to bars—places to be monitored for crime. Meanwhile, count Broomfield out of the dispensary equation. The city council there wants applications for distributors denied, reports the Broomfield Enterprise, and the city attorney is at the ready. Councilwoman Lori Cox says the idea of dispensaries distributing large quantities of marijuana “sounds too much like a free-for-all.” Westword explores the little-known world of the “ganjapreneurs” cashing in on the booming medical pot business and provides a handy directory of dispensaries, as well.