“BARACK OBAMA KIDS AND HITLER YOUTH SING FOR THEIR LEADER.” That’s the headline over this video of children honoring President Barack Obama. It was cross-posted on 630-KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles’ Web page and intends to send the message, apparently, that some people in the nation think Obama is evil incarnate.

Maybe he shouldn’t even be president? A billboard at I-70 and Kipling Street, for which Boyles successfully agitated, asks, “Where’s the birth certificate?” (via The Colorado Independent). The billboard space was provided by used-car lot owner Phil Wolf, who would like to use his signage in Montana and Wyoming for the same purpose, according to World Net Daily, whose founder launched the birther-billboard campaign.

Meanwhile, the fundamentalist Christian Web site LivePrayer.com perpetuates the conspiracy theory in a 28-minute infomercial that questions where Obama was born. At least one CBS affiliate—in Lubbock, Texas—has run the video, according to CBS News.