Shopping may be the main attraction at Mile High Flea Market. But there’s quite the scrumptious sideshow happening. This 80-acre market is studded with food stalls that sling fair food delicaciesthe kinds that take long baths in the deep fryer, drip in butter, or swirl the summer air with a sweet, sugary scent. The flea market certainly puts an exponential factor on fried food, but you can also take fresh fruits and veggies home from the on-site farmers’ markets…because balance, right? 

Here, the absolute best things to eat (and drink) at Mile High Flea Market, which is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday—meaning you don’t have to wait until the carnival rolls through town to get your turkey leg fix. 

Tornado Potatoes
What exactly are tornado potatoes? They’re a softer kettle chip with a starchy chew. But the real chaos ensues when you pile these high with toppings at the Papa’s Patatas stand. Options include nacho cheese, Buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles, green chile, bacon, and carne asada. You can also give waffle fries, french fries, tater tots, or baked potatoes the same treatment. 

Turkey Legs
These super-sized drumsticks need no introduction. Indulge your inner caveman or woman and sink your teeth into a juicy turkey leg and then walk around the market with your meaty wand in hand. Turkey’s Last Stand has two locations in the market, and all they sell are the turkey legs. Each leg is smoked in a “top secret” seasoning for 12 hours. Many of the weekend regulars buy turkey legs to take home like you would a rotisserie chicken.

Micheladas and Aguas Frescas
In their most basic forms, Micheladas are tomato-based beer cocktails. But get a one of these spicy drinks gussied up at Coop’s Chicken & Chelada, where you can order it with a Tajín rim and chilled shrimp garnish. Pro tip: There are also refreshing pineapple, watermelon, melon, or horchata aguas frescas at a few stands throughout the market, and you can take your beverage to Coop’s to have it splashed with booze. 

Corn on the Cob
Served in the husk and drenched in butter, the Cobb Stop sells Colorado-grown corn—a simple, perfect-on-its-own treat. But you can also top it with some mayo, Parmesan, a squeeze of lime, and spices if you want to go the elote route. Between the corn and the turkey leg, you’ll want to have a toothpick on hand.

Would this flea market food circuit be complete without nacho cheese? We didn’t think so. Head to Paco’s Tacos for the Super Nachos that are piled high with beans, onions, tomatoes, olives, your choice of meat, and a drizzle of sour cream and salsa. To round out your order, you can get a slab of tres leches cake.

Funnel cake
For a sweet finale, head to Delectables Sweets and Treats (you’re close when you smell the sugary aroma) for a lightly fried funnel cake. But why stop with the mound of powdered sugar? You can get yours topped with ice cream and strawberries for a funnel cake-strawberry shortcake fusion.

If you go: Mile High Flea Market is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; 7007 E. 88th Ave, Henderson; 303-289-4656

Brittany Anas
Brittany Anas
Brittany Anas is a Denver-based food and travel writer.