A close friend of mine keeps chickens, and they’re often the subject of her Facebook updates. Rarely do I repeat status updates at parties, but I still get mileage out of hers. A recent example: “My chickens got impounded the other day. Yes, jailbirds. Why you ask? They crossed the road.”

Joking aside, the more friends who keep chickens and proudly share photos of their first eggs, the more intrigued I become, particularly when considering the potential savings. Thankfully, there’s an official place for would-be urban farmers like me to learn more: Denver Urban Homesteading is offering a class on Basic Chicken Keeping this Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

Expect to have all your Chicken 101 questions answered, such as what kind of chickens to get, where to find them, how many to get, and how much work to expect in keeping them. The class costs $35.

Bonus: Watch part of a past chicken-keeping class on YouTube.