As soon as the snow started to fall in Denver, I officially (and reluctantly) dug out my sweaters. Though I don’t love cold weather, I do enjoy getting out my winter clothing after a long summer. It’s like I suddenly have a brand-new wardrobe. Except this year. There was a mouse in my last house, and I’m pretty sure he found my box of sweaters because many of them are now sporting tiny holes. As dismayed as I felt, it also presented me with another opportunity to hit up more thrift shops around Denver. Some friends recommended Buffalo Exchange, so I used it as an excuse to explore the hip area around 13th Avenue. As soon as I parked, I noticed the adorable guerrilla knitting on the bike racks. And the vibe was even hipper inside, where the trendy store clerks were sporting modified top hats and huge ’80s-style eyeglasses, with adorably mussed hair. It should be noted here that I am notoriously un-hip and tend to become threatened by people who can, say, layer three shirts in interesting ways and streak cool colors in their hair. But the sales staff is so openly friendly and helpful that I felt at home in my solid-colored T-shirt and old jeans. The clothes sold by Buffalo Exchange are mostly used, though there are some new wares. Clothing is organized by type; closer to the front of the store are racks of coats and sweaters, farther back are racks of blouses and T-shirts. Not only are the clothes stylish and fashion-forward (I do read fashion magazines, despite my declared un-hipness), they are also affordable. I found T-shirts for as low as $5 and long-sleeve thermal tees for $9. My interest was mostly drawn to winter wear, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you to Buffalo Exchange’s coats and lighter jackets. In the women’s section, I found Banana Republic and United Colors of Benetton coats that looked new for $60. Don’t miss the smaller room off to the side of the store. This is where they keep most of the accessories (I got a great brown leather belt for $11) and winter wear like scarves and hats. This is also where you can bring your own used clothes and exchange them for money or store credit. 230 E. 13th Ave.; 303-866-0165