If you can’t find your trusty AT&T Wireless store, you’re not alone. There are no more of them. As of this weekend, busy little elves put up all new signs….they are now Cingular Wireless.

Overnight, more than 14,000 employees across the U.S. converted 11,500 additional stores, kiosks and other locations, replacing more than 38 million phones and other products with new ones bearing Cingular’s logo. Another 10,000 independent dealers will complete the transition in the coming weeks.

No service changes are expected. With the changeover, Cingular becomes the nation’s biggest wireless provider. But look out for number 2, Verizon, which is making the most of the AT&T-Cingular conversion, with a clever ad that reads:

Attention AT&T Wireless Customers: As long as your wireless carrier is changing, why not change to the best?”