It was deadsville in Denver last night.

Tuesdays are not the hottest going-out night of the week for understandable reasons, but last night was shamefully dead at all three stops I hit on my bar-hopping journeys. I started out at 5 Degrees for the monthly meeting of the Denver Divas, a women’s social networking group. Good thing the divas showed up in force, because the rest of the place was a little sparse. Totally gorgeous and very chic, of course, but still. Definitely sparse. The divas started to scatter by 8:30 p.m. or so — it is a weeknight after all and these gals need their beauty rest – and we started thinking about Plan B.

Plan B ended up taking us down to Double Daughters, where the Tim-Burton-movie-set atmosphere of black walls, red booths, and spooky trees makes an ideal backdrop for a new weekly artists gathering called Self Made. The event was started over the summer to help strengthen the local arts community by offering aspiring artists the chance to meet and exchange ideas with a featured established artist. The event drew a decent showing, but the crowd fizzled out early and once again, my cohorts and I were on the move.

I dragged a group of artsy types that I met at Double Daughters over to La Rumba, where a new Tuesday dance event called Shazzam kicked off two weeks ago. I’d heard that the first night was off the charts and super fun, with the DJs from the Friday night Lipgloss party spinning retro rarities from the ’60s and ’70s. So imagine my surprise when we arrived around 11 p.m. — usually the ideal time to end the night at a dance club – and found the place practically empty. Aside from the admittedly groovy tunes the guys were spinning, the event had nothing to recommend it, quite frankly. I think if you included the staff, there might have been a dozen people there. Total. Yikes! Not exactly a happening spot. Granted, the night was originally planned as a monthly party, so maybe that’s exactly what they need to do to make it worthwhile.

So at the end of the night, I was simply left wondering… where the hell IS everyone on a random Tuesday? Obviously, I chose the wrong path.