Jane Norton, who has recently played the I’m-tougher-than-President-Obama-on-terrorism card, says she agrees with statements made by former Congressman Tom Tancredo (pictured) during a rally last week for her opponent in the Republican primary race for U.S. Senate, Ken Buck.

While Buck quickly distanced himself from Tancredo’s view that the Obama administration is the greatest threat to the United States (even bigger than al-Qaida), Norton has been quick to jump on the Tancredo bandwagon, ostensibly to score some political points.

Norton writes on her Facebook page: “There was a real measure of truth to what Tancredo said. Obama is spending this country into bankruptcy. Admiral Mullen said our debt is a greater threat than terrorism. It’s time to end the culture of political correctness” (via The Huffington Post).

Further explaining his position on Tancredo’s comments, Buck told attendees of the Western Conservative Summit over the weekend “there is a lot of truth in what Tom Tancredo said” (via The Colorado Independent).

Norton and Buck are “in an often-bitter fight to win the August 10 primary,” writes the Colorado Springs Gazette.