On November 30, Colorado’s oldest charitable organization will celebrate its 90th birthday, but the party starts now.

Beginning on Monday, October 5, the venerable Denver Foundation will transform its milestone anniversary into a multi-week contest called “Our Future in the Making.” This online contest invites the public to submit entries via email, social media, and its own website that highlight the ways people and organizations are making—or will make—the metro Denver area a better place to live in the future.

These stories, images, and videos will fit into weekly categories such as education, arts, job creation, and transportation, and they’ll showcase the myriad ways visionary citizens and groups are thinking about Denver’s coming 90 years—the contest’s social media hashtag is #DenverNext90.

(Side note: Beginning with the release of our November issue, 5280 will also be inviting our readers to nominate exceptional people and organizations as part of an ongoing series of stories about improving lives in Denver and beyond. Full details will be available in late-October at 5280.com.)

Each week leading up to November 30, a small panel selected by Denver Foundation officials will review the submissions, and winners will be able to pick prizes from the Women’s Bean Project online store. (The WBP helps chronically underprivileged women develop their professional skills for a variety of careers.)

Having awarded more than $67 million in grants during 2014, the Denver Foundation has continued its incredible legacy of making this already enchanting place that much more enjoyable, and more importantly, its legacy of transforming our community into a land of opportunity for everyone. With the constant stream of outsiders arriving here all the time, the more we can highlight these altruistic groups and individuals, the better all our lives will be.

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